Global Mission Prayer Update: December 26th

Source: Brethren Newsline

Global Mission Prayer Update

In this week’s global prayers, we lift up:


Continue to pray for Syria and all those caught in the country’s horrific violence. Pray for those evacuated from heavily-contended cities like Aleppo and for those unable to escape. Pray for those displaced to insufficient camps and to unwelcoming communities. Pray for healing for those injured and the families of those killed. Pray for peace.


Praise God for the mobile clinics of the Haiti Medical Project. By the end of 2016, local congregations will have facilitated approximately 48 clinics to serve around 8,300 patients in 16 communities. Give thanks for the efforts and expertise of the Haitian clinic team – consisting of three doctors, four nurses, a logistics coordinator, and a driver – and pray that the team may continue to be strengthened in its work. Give thanks for generous giving that helps provide medical care to people throughout Haiti.


Pray for the ethnic Rohingya people, a primarily Muslim minority group who are being severely persecuted by both Buddhist extremists and Myanmar’s military. The Myanmar government does not recognize the Rohingya as citizens, even though many have lived in the country for generations. Alleged atrocities include mass killings, rape, and the burning of villages, and international groups are claiming crimes against humanity by Myanmar. Approximately 22,000 Rohingya have fled their home area of Rakhine state, and those that remain face a severe shortage of food and medical assistance.

Pray for God’s compassion and mercy to reign

Source: Brethren Newsline

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